ZONAMACO with guadalajara90210, Mexico City
Lucas Regazzi
February 5 - 9, 2020

Lucas Regazzi (b. 1995) received his BFA from Concordia University in 2018. His work has been shown internationally in galleries,auctions and publications including Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada), Pfeil Magazine (London, UK),Calaboose (Montreal, Canada), Detroit Research (Detroit, USA), the Haunt Journal of Art at the University of California, Irvine (Irvine, USA), Bad Nudes (Montreal, Canada), Perros Negros (MexicoCity, Mexico). Regazzi lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Tkarón:to).


Lucas Regazzi’s practice centres itself at the intersection of writing and drawing. As Renee Gladman draws “prose architectures” to propel her writing forward, Regazzi draws words as they come to him with a calligraphic sensibility. Regazzi has always written poetry. His approach to mark-making is foremost an exploration of writing as gesture, its capacity to produce a space for both word and image to lose their distinctive qualities, formally and semiotically. In this way, the meaning distilled in his drawings arrives automatically by the will of his hand, and arrives as such in a state of entropy. The question of what is being ‘documented’ through this procedure energizes its iterations, and its indecipherability privileges the truth of a moment as divine—and unknowable—in its alchemy. Dual Index (2019) is a series of drawings on sketchbook paper. Once a drawing is complete, it is laminated and fixed. Sealed, it becomes both an object and a representation of itself, a force in captivity. The hanging system comprised of grommets, paper clips, and chains, functional ornements of the paper, evokes a vocabulary of stationary. These objects functioning as physical links are aligned with the low-cost economy dear to Regazzi’s practice.